Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Sneak Peak Roadtrip 2013

We are back!! Well we got back a few days ago but I haven't actually made it to the computer until today, the flat looks a tad cluttered from all of our holiday gear. I am slowly wading through the piles of washing and after six loads I think we have hit half way!

The holiday was amazing but I have come back exhausted and now really need another holiday to recover. It was a slight mistake on my part to go back to work the morning after we returned, especially as we didn't get home until 10.30pm on Sunday.

I now have the unenvious task to wade through over 2500 photographs; yes we may have gone a little crazy with the camera. But we were experimenting with the manual settings so ended up taking four pictures of everything to make sure we had it perfect.

I'll be posting some more up here shortly but my main task over the next few weeks is to take the best photographs and make them into a holiday photo book. I've always loved the idea of scrapbooking but I know I would never get around to finishing it by hand and besides we currently do not have a functioning printer. Online, I work much faster and I can't wait to get started making a proper hardback book of all our adventures.