Monday, 23 September 2013

Tour of Britain - Stage 7 Surrey

When I found out that the Tour of Britain cycle route was past the end of my street I really didn't have an excuse not to go and take some photographs.  The streets were packed, I never made it to the Olympic cycle event but I can believe that this route was just as busy.  We waited around for ages but could tell the riders were coming closer by the ever increasing police bikes zooming past to clear the roads.  At the very last moment I decided to move position because someone came and stood directly in from of me and I'm so glad I did.  I scooted around the central island railings to sit on the path in front and was within a metre of the cyclists zooming past.

After the riders had cycled past I managed to catch the rest of the race on the TV, it was a nail biter finish in Guildford, up hill on cobbles.  I struggle walking up that hill in heels, let alone cycling at speed up it, so hats off to Mark Cavendish for winning.

Dad recorded the race on TV so we re-watched the race to try and spot me and yes that red-headed blur is me, wahoo!!